Andy Bromberg

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Support Vector Machine Intuition

Introduction A very common machine learning algorithm is a Support Vector Machine, or SVM. SVMs will allow you to predict information about data — we’ll see an example shortly. In this post I’m going to walk you through the concept and intuition behind SVMs — to understand the content here, you need no technical background. […]

Weekend Project: Hacking the Square Reader

Introduction I’ve been interested in looking at the information contained in credit cards ever since I first heard about the Square card reader. The idea of such a tiny device being able to parse all the information on a credit card directly into your phone is fascinating to me and I wanted to figure out […]

Second Try: Sentiment Analysis in Python

Introduction After my first experiments with using R for sentiment analysis, I started talking with a friend here at school about my work. Jackson and I decided that we’d like to give it a better shot and really try to get some meaningful results. After a lot of research, we decided to shift languages to […]

First shot: Sentiment Analysis in R

Introduction Over the past few weeks, I’ve become very interested in statistics and machine learning. During my first semester at school, I learned a huge amount about the R programming language (thanks to a couple of my classes and a very helpful TA — more on that in a later post), but I quickly ran […]